NEW Advanced Wine Mini’s!

Red BurgundyIt seems that a lot of people like my mini wine quizzes…and I thank you for all the positive feedback. And I agree, who doesn’t love a quickie now and then?

If you are a casual wine lover who likes to show off (the first step is admitting it…) or a serious student of wine looking to always learn something new, why not try an advanced wine mini?  A wine mini is quick little 10-question quiz designed to teach you some new wine factoids and expand your wine study horizons.  You’ll get immediate feedback on each question and a little explanation of the topic. Hopefully, along the way you will learn something new and also be led in new some directions for your wine studies.

Click here for the two new quizzes:

Advanced Wine Mini #4

Advanced Wine Mini #5

Riesling BottlesRemember, these quizzes are hard and are not designed to test your knowledge but to teach you something new!!

Have fun, and enjoy your studies!

The Bubbly Professor is “Miss Jane” of Austin, Texas

Bubbly Disclaimer: These quizzes are my own creation and are not in any way an “official publication” of any school or organization.  I hope they help you out with your wine studies!

About bubblyprof
Wine Writer and Educator...Full time for 16 years!

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