Quizzing on Pacific Northwest Wines

Riesling BottomIf you are studying for the CWE or other wine certification at an advanced level, here’s your chance to test your knowledge of the wines of the Pacific Northwest.  All of the questions for these quizzes come from the books and resources on the CWE Recommended Reading List 2013…all 20,000 pages of it!

Click here for the quiz on Oregon Wines

Click here for the quiz on Washington State Wines

If you would like to try some more of our advanced wine quizzes, just click here!

We have over 1,000 professionally designed, peer-reviewed exam questions in our test bank and more on the way, so this should keep you busy for a while.

Bubbly Disclaimer: These quizzes are my own creation and are not in any way an “official publication” of any school or organization.  I hope they help you out with your wine studies!

The Bubbly Professor is “Miss Jane” Nickles of Austin, Texas… missjane@prodigy.net

About bubblyprof
Wine Writer and Educator...Full time for 16 years!

2 Responses to Quizzing on Pacific Northwest Wines

  1. ed says:

    THANK YOU! What a treasure trove of information. I was just ready to google search all that info and here you are cheers


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