CSW Practice Tests

One of the most common requests I receive here at the Bubbly Professor is for CSW Practice Tests.  While I consider all of my Bubbly Professor Wine quizzes excellent practice for the CSW (or ASA, IWG, WSET and other wine certifications for that matter), it seems people are always asking (some even beg) for a true practice test.  You know, all the info mushed together, 100 questions, and written in the sense and style of an “actual” certification test.

Well, since you asked for it, you got it, and here it is! On this page we have four new Wine Review Tests, 25 questions each.  You can take the four separately, if you have limited time or energy.  Or, if you are really ready to give a trial test run a go, take the timed, one-hour only 100-question version (they have the same question sets).  

Here are the links and the passwords:

Click here for the:  CSW Practice Test – Part One – Password is “PracticeA”

Click here for the:  CSW Practice Test - Part Two – Password is “PracticeB”

Click here for the:  CSW Practice Test - Part Three – Password is “PracticeC”

Click here for the:  CSW Practice Test – Part Four – Password is   ”PracticeD”

Click here for the:  100 Question, timed CSW Practice Test - Password is “Practice100″

If you have any questions or comments about your quizzes, feel free to send me an email to:  missjane@prodigy.net.

Good luck with your studies!

Bubbly Disclaimer:  These quizzes are my own creation and are not in any way an “official publication” of any school or organization.  I hope they help you out with your wine studies!

The Bubbly Professor is “Miss Jane” Nickles of Austin, Texas.

27 Responses to CSW Practice Tests

  1. Kavitha says:

    Hi Jane,
    This is so awesome! I cannot wait to take this one and see how I fare! But one question: Is this Practice test different than the 100 Questions test under:
    http://www.classroomclipboard.com/470378 ?
    I have not taken either….plan to take them soon….so just checking.


    • bubblyprof says:

      Hi Kavitha –

      Thanks for the comment! And to answer your question, this new Practice CSW is brand new, all new questions and ready to go! Good luck!

      • Zinfreak says:

        Is there a way to take the test above??

      • bubblyprof says:

        Hi Zinfreak – Yes, you click on the link, enter a user name (any name, your name, or a nickname) and the password, which is located next to the link on the blog page. Good luck with your studies!! Jane N.

  2. AAT - Atlanta says:

    Hi. I came across your website from doing a search using “CSW.” I enjoy drinking wine and would like to think I have a pretty good palate and nose. However, I want to take my knowledge to the next level but also have some sort of recognizable credential. I may, at some point, have a desire to enter the industry but for now will continue my day job. The number of organizations and certifications in this industry is dizzying, at best. In the Atlanta area, there is a school that offers an in-class version of the CSW and WSET certifications – both are over a course of several weeks but the WSET is several hundred dollars more in cost. I also am aware of Court of MS, International Wine Guild, International Sommeliers Guild and some others. For someone that’s interested in going to a much more advance knowledge base, do you have any thoughts on where to start? I realize there’s no right or wrong answer, but it may help to get a professional opinion. Thank you.

  3. Pauline says:

    i can’t seem to log in with the passwords given, am I doing something wrong?

    • bubblyprof says:

      Hi Pauline – Are you making sure that you capitalize the letters, and otherwise typing them in exactly as listed? I’ve had several people take them successfully today, so I don’t think its an issue with the website. Let me know!

  4. cellarmistress says:

    I took my CSW exam in September and passed with a score of 85. I am so thrilled! If it hadn’t been for my daily practicing of these tests and diligently studying the study guide, I never would have passed. I was surprised to learn that several people I took the test with did not pass and they have been in the industry far longer than I. I would definitely recommend this site if you are considering getting a CSW certification. I am now on to the next step, the CWE. Thanks, Bubbly Professor! You rock!

    • bubblyprof says:

      Hi Cellar Mistress!!
      Thanks so much for the message !! It’s so sweet to know that someone out there is benefitting from the Bubbly Professor!!
      And for all of you out there trying for a CSW, CWE, CS or other wine certification…I hope you paid attention when Cellar Mistress said she studied every day!!
      That’s reallyt the key. It takes a lot of work, but there are lots of people out there willing to help!
      Cheers to everyone and thanks again!! Jane N. “Bubbly Profesor”

  5. Eric krauthoff says:

    How do I log in with a name and password to take the csw practice test?

  6. Joan OConnell says:

    Hello, Miss Jane!
    Thank you for your incredible generosity in sharing these practice tests! I’ve been studying quite a bit for the CSW and just took practice tests A & B – very helpful in identifying areas of weakness. Am off now to strengthen my knowledge of those areas.
    Very helpful; you’re awesome!

    • bubblyprof says:

      Hi Siobhan – Thanks for the note!! I’m so glad you find the site useful…keep an eye out for my new map exercises and well, but be prepared to study!! Good luck with your studies!!!

      Jane N.

  7. kalai804 says:

    I’m also having problems accessing the practice tests. I just use my password for WordPress.com, right?

  8. Michelle says:

    Hi Miss Jane,
    I see the pass words but can you clarify the user name?
    I’ve entered your name but it didn’t work for me.

    Thanks for your help!

    • bubblyprof says:

      Hi Michelle – for the user name you can use your name (or a nickname if you prefer.) I really just ask for the name in case someone asks me to review their quiz for them (which happens very often)! As for the passwords, make sure you are using capitalization exactly as it is listed…you should get right in! Good luck with your studies!

  9. Ruwan says:


    • bubblyprof says:

      Hi Ruwan –

      The access codes that you need are listed directly on the blog page next to the link to the quiz. That’s all you need. Just use your own name or a nickname, and the provided access code.

      Good luck with your studies!

      Jane N.

  10. winegal23 says:

    Can you help me with my log on for the csw practice tests…I can not get this to work…thanks so much…this website is so helpful in studying!!

    • bubblyprof says:

      Hi Jamie – The quiz access codes, for those that need one, are located on the blog page right next to the link to the quiz. For “user name” just use your name or a nickname (this is just in case someone asks me to review their quiz for them, or for some of my online students who are taking the quizzes for credit), and then use the access code. One problem people sometimes run into is not using the exact same capitalization as the access code shows (first letter is capitalized.)

      I hope this helps!! Let me know!! Cheers,

      Jane N.

  11. winegal23 says:

    Thank you so much! Do you offer online classes? I would be very interested if you do!

  12. AL Samonte says:

    Awesome practice tests Miss Jane, looking forward for more. Thanks you very much!

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