Mini Quizzes!


If you have a half hour before you have to leave, a short break at work, or 30 minutes on the subway, the Bubbly Professor has a quick little study tool for you. Just click on one of the links below to access a series of 10-questions “Mini Quizzes.” These quiz mini’s are rather random in subject matter and meant to be “short and sweet” study sessions, doable in a half an hour to an hour.

If you want to really turn these quizzes into a learning tool, the trick is to look up the questions you missed, make a short note about the subject in your study notes, and review it again in a day or two. Trust me, you’ll never miss that question again.

Some of these quizzes might seem difficult; and if you are just starting out (or re-starting) your Wine or Spirits Studies, you might feel defeated. But the point is not just to assess your learning. The mini’s are designed to expand your horizons, and perhaps open your study path up to topics you may have glossed over before or not yet reached. Be sure and read the “explanation” box that is part of the answer screen. There’s lots of good information there as well.

Here are the links to the quizzes. Have fun!

If you like some wine minis at a more advanced level, try these:

Click here if you are looking for some longer (topic-specific) wine quizzes.

Bubbly Disclaimer: These quizzes are my own creation and are not in any way an “official publication” of any school or organization. I hope they help you out with your wine studies!

The Bubbly Professor is “Miss Jane” Nickles of Austin, Texas:

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