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Welcome to the Bubbly Professor…a blog about the life of a wine educator.

Wine tastings, wine classes, and wine dinners are part of being a full-time wine educator, but it’s a package deal that includes grading finals, reading papers, and schlepping boxes as well.   It’s a glamorous job, for sure, if you only count the 5% of the day that includes the flashy fun.

As for me, I have the expected credentials  and the experience:  I have taught wine classes full time for over 20 years, and in my former life served stints as executive chef, sommelier, and food and beverage director.  In my current “day job,” I serve as the Director of Education and Certification for the Society of Wine Educators.

Street Cred:

  • 2012 Banfi Award Winner (for highest grade of the year in the CWE [Certified Wine Educator] Exam)
  • 2009 – Winner of the WOSA Sponsored Professional Wine Writers Competition (writer of the award-winning essay that featured as its prize a 2-week trip to the Winelands of South Africa)
  • SME (Subject Matter Expert) and ID (Instructional Designer) for over 25 fully accredited Professional Wine Studies and Culinary Management Courses (higher ed, both in-class and on-line)
  • M.B.A, Human Resources Development, California State University
  • B.A, University of California at Berkeley (Political Science)
  • Certified Specialist of Wine and Certified Wine Educator (Society of Wine Educators)
  • Certified Specialist of Spirits and Certified Spirits Educator (Society of Wine Educators)
  • 16 Years Full-time Chef Instructor and Wine Educator at Le Cordon Bleu College – North America (both o-t-g (on the ground) and on-line)
  • 15 Years Food and Beverage Director, Banquet Manager, Chef (Holiay Inn/Bristol Hotels and Resorts)
  • Published Author (Textbooks, Journals, Web)
  • Educator of the Year – Career Education Corporation—2007
  • Educator of the Year –  Career Education Corporation—2009
  • The “Ultimate Culinary Educator” – Food Educator’s Learning Conference—2009
  • January 2011- Wine Educator of the Month—Society of Wine Educators
  • Areas of Expertise:  Student Engagement, Testing and Assessments, Train the Trainer, Brain-based Learning
  • Conference Sessions led, Classes given – literally too many to count!

In my current position as the Director of Education for the Society of Wine Educators I am in charge of all educational materials such as study guides, workbooks and online courses as well as exams and certification instruments; and have introduced SWEbinars, ebooks, online review classes, and computer-based testing to SWE.

The Bubbly Professor is “Miss Jane” Nickles of Austin, Texas.

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