Amazing – Wine Tasting on Mount Everest!

Mount EverestI can take no credit for discovering or researching this bit of wine news – all credit goes to “The Drinks Business” magazine.

However, it was just too fascinating for me not to pass on.  Check it out – James Cluer, MW fulfills a lifetime goal (and what a goal) to climb Mount Everest – and takes the time to taste some wine while perched on the peak at a Mt. Everest base camp. Wow!

Keep in mind…the only time wine has been tasted before at altitudes this high is from the inside of an airplane.

And he’s clever as well…Mr. Cluer calls this “The Judgment of Everest.”

Here’s the link to the original article and a video:

It’s official:  James Cluer, MW is a certifed stud.