Street Cred

Day One Week One Wine ClassIf I just must, here it is:  My name is Jane A. Nickles and I have been a full-time wine educator/culinary educator/academic director for culinary colleges for over 15 years.  Previously, I was a food and beverage director and executive chef  for a large hotel chain.

I am/have/like to talk about my/am embarrassed by my:

M.B.A., California State University

B.A., University of California at Berkeley

Certified Spirits Educator (Society of Wine Educators)

Certified Wine Educator (Society of Wine Educators)

2012 Banfi Award Winner – Society of Wine Educators

2009 Winner – Professional Wine Writers Competition – WOSA (Wines of South Africa)

Currently the Director of Education for the Society of Wine Educators

14 Years Full-time Chef Instructor and Wine Educator at Le Cordon Bleu College – Austin

6 Years Food and Beverage Director (Bristol Hotels and Resorts)

Published Author (Textbooks, Journals, Web)

Educator of the Year – Career Education Corporation – 2007

Educator of the Year –  Career Education Corporation -2009

The “Ultimate Culinary Educator” – Food Educator’s Learning Conference – 2009

Number One Rated Conference Speaker – 35th Annual Conference of the Society of Wine Educators (Washington, DC)

Conference Sessions led, Classes given – literally too many to count!

Bored Yet?

About bubblyprof
Wine Writer and Educator...a 20-year journey from Bristol Hotels to Le Cordon Bleu Schools and the Society of Wine Educators

2 Responses to Street Cred

  1. Steve C. says:

    Hi Miss Jane –
    It’t about time you got a blog! We’ve all been begging for years!
    You should tell the world your “real” theme…”It’s Miss Jane’s World…We just drink in it!”
    Good Luck –
    Steve C.

  2. Maddie says:

    Thank you Miss Jane for letting me read your blog! You are such a wonderful teacher and I am so grateful for every day I am in your class. I admire you as an instrucor and as an individual and I hope to one day, be just like you. Thank you for being so awesome!

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