It’s a living…

Breakfast of Champions...aka 9:30 am Class

Welcome to the Bubbly Professor…a new blog about the life of a wine educator.

Wine tastings, wine classes, and wine dinners are part of being a full-time wine educator, but it’s a package deal that includes grading finals, reading papers, and schlepping boxes as well.   It’s a glamorous job, for sure, if you only count the 5% of the day that includes the flashy fun.

As for me, I have the expected credentials (see  “street cred” ) and the experience:  I am a chef instructor and wine educator for an accredited culinary college in Texas, have taught wine classes full time for over 15 years, and in my former life served stints as executive chef, sommelier, and food and beverage director.  Known to friends, family, and students as “Miss Jane” of Austin, Texas.

About bubblyprof
Wine Writer and Educator...a 20-year journey from Bristol Hotels to Le Cordon Bleu Schools and the Society of Wine Educators

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